Best practices for artists and hosts

We believe that more professionalism in the music industry will help everyone. To help improve this industry we thought we’d write some common sense rules to help build understanding and harmony between hosts and musicians.


Artists should not drop out less than a week before the gig. If they really can’t make it to the gig anymore they need to let the organiser know as soon as possible. There’s a lot of work in organising an event and by not going, you’re also not allowing other, fellow musicians to play.

If you don’t reply to 2/3 emails in 5 days you lose the right to play at the gig. A host cannot waste large amounts of time chasing up bands. Please be prompt in replying to communications.

It’s really appreciated when musicians invite their friends to the Facebook events, show up on time, respect the venue and their equipment and are in general just cool, friendly people to get on with.

'Its really helpful for promoters and venues to know how many people an act could bring to the gig. We know this is a tough question, as it depends on several factors. However, especially if you want to play outside your local area,, it would be great to get an estimate. so ,please add the following to your bio:

'Locally we can bring _ fans, paying £5, _% of these will travel up to 20 miles and _% up to 50 miles.'


Hosts must be super honest about the payment they’re offering to the artists and to honour it. Gigride believes in the principle that musicians/DJs should be rewarded whenever possible for their performances.

Hosts are expected to create the Facebook event and promote it as much as possible. A host cannot rely solely on the efforts of the band.

Hosts are supposed to send an email between 1 and 2 weeks before the gig date, giving confirmation to the bands.

Hosts/Promoters must reply promptly to emails, musicians/DJs should not have to constantly chase them.

Hosts must ensure their equipment works before artists arrive at the venue.

If the musician/DJ agrees to perform without a fee, the host must ensure they at least offer some free drinks.

Pay-to-play schemes are not accepted.