YMX live night

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Hosted by YMX

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at Hope and Anchor

Any size


Stage dimensions: 6m x 3m x 32cm CAPACITY: 80 people standing

Available equipment

Mics & DIs 6 x Sure SM58 2 x Sure SM57 2 x Sennheiser E609 Sure PG52 3 x Sure Beta 52 4 x Sure PG56 6 x DI boxes multiple brands both passive and active. Lots of mic stands. Backline (if required) Tama Drum Kit: 12 14 16 and 22 kick shells 4 x cymbal stands; hi hat stand; snare stand; throne Minus breakables: drummers must supply their snare drum, cymbals, kick pedal and clutch. Drum carpet provided. 2 x Fender Champion Combo 100w Ashdown Combo 100w Keyboard stand Payment: 50% of tickets after the first 10 sold


50% of tickets sold

Hosted by YMX

at Hope and Anchor