Off The Cuff Presents: Peter Cat & Visa Baby

Hosted by Off The Cuff

at Off The Cuff

Experimental, Folk, Funk, Indie, Pop
Full bands only


Load in is at 6, soundcheck will start at 7. We start soundcheck at 7 due to the noise restriction which ends at 7. We'll be charging £5 on the door. 

Typical stage times we try to follow are:
Load in/set up is 6pm. Soundchecks  7pm-8:45pm Doors  8:45pm 1st act: 9

 2nd act: 9:45

 3rd act: 10:30

 Curfew: midnight 
 Sets are 30 minutes for the support, 45 minutes headline. 
The way we go about paying acts at OTC is that we charge on the door / sell tickets and at the end of the night the money is split between bands after paying for sound and lighting. (Which is optional.) Cos its an independent live music venue we care about the quality of the music but would also hope to work together with acts that we book to put a lot of effort into promoting their event and getting people to come! This is the only way we are able to put on such events at a small entry cost and allows us to split the door money between the bands. If we get something sorted then we have plenty of time promote and hype it up and for it to be worthwhile. 

Due to the size of the venue and wanting to maximise the potential of earnings for bands, we only allow 1 guest list per band.

We also ask bands not to have any other gigs on in the month leading up to the gig just so again, we can get possible maximum people in meaning more potential money to be earned!

Available equipment

OTC Specs Room 2 
 Mixing Desk 
 Midas Venice 32 Channel Analogue Mixer 
 Tops/Mids: 2 x ASS (acoustic sound systems) SP15s loaded with Italian B&C drivers.   
 Subs 2 x 700 watt B&C  18" -bass , 2 x 700 watt RCF bass. 
 Citronic PPX power amps 
 4 x Monitor mixes 
 Mix 1 : 2 x ASS wedges Mix 2 : 1 x Behringer wedge Mix 3   1 x Nexo PS10 Mix 4 : 1 x Nexo PS10 
 DBX 266 compressor on FOH mix 
 ç x LA Audio EQs 
 4 x Klark Teknik Compressors on groups 1-4 
 TC Electronic M-ONE Dual Effects Processor Reverb (Fx Send 1) 
 Digitech Quad 4 Multi Fx (Fx Send 2) 
 1 x beta58 2 x sm58 4 x sm57 3 x beta57 
 1 x Shure PGDMK6 Drum Mic Kit (including Bass Drum mic, 3 x toms mics and 2 x condensers for OHs) 
 2 x AKG C1000s condensers 
 Extra mics are available on request..please speak to sound engineer. 
 Mic stands 
 5 x K&M tall mic stands with boom 3 x short mic stands (1 for snare, 1 for bass drum and 1 for guitar amps) 2 x tall mic stands for drum OHs 2 x extra mic stands with boom 
 Marshall 4x12 cab 
 Vox solid state modelling combo Carlsbro Stingray bass combo amp TC Electronic bass combo amp 
 1 x 5 piece Liberty drum kit (1 bass drum, two rack toms and two floor toms) 1 x Liberty snare drum 2 x Gibraltar cymbal stands (1 straight, 1 boom) and 2 x tom clamps 1 x Gibraltar hihat stand 1 x extra cymbal stand 1 x snare stand 1 x drum stool 


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Hosted by Off The Cuff

at Off The Cuff