We love live music

We built Gigride because we love to play live. As simple as that. We believe it should be easy for a band to search for gigs, apply to them, and play.

We thought:
"Let's make it happen"! So we did...

Our vision

Our dream is to allow any musician/DJ to book his/her own gigs anywhere, rent a van, instruments, accommodation, rehearsing space, sell tickets and merchandise all under one roof. On the host's side, we’ll make their life easier by implementing an AI that will learn their preferences to help them save as much time as possible. Smart, quick, hassle free. Moreover, now we only have 2 types of accounts: musicians and hosts, but we will add fans. Fans will not be passive and will be able to just follow a certain venue or band, but they’ll be an active part of the platform. Fans won’t just be able to buy tickets and merchandise, a venue uploading an available gig will be able to let their followers vote for the bands thus incentivizing them to go to the venue.

I know that right now you don’t see all of this, but when we started we were using only emails, google sheets and survey templates. Thank you to all the people who’ve signed up already and please bear with us whilst we make all the enhancements. Our main priority these days is signing up as many promoters and venues as possible, not just in London but across the country.
If you’re interested in what we’re doing just keep an eye on this page and we’ll refresh it every now and then. If you have any questions drop us an email at [email protected].

Be part of the live music revolution, sign up and start gigging with Gigride!

Meet the team

Marco Santesso

Musician, Masters from LSE and worked 2 years for Payleven (Rocket Internet) as technical support manager. He had the idea and works on Gigride full time. Tasks: from managing human resources to the financials, to customer acquisition.

Oscar Chu Ortega

Experience in procurement and project management. Holds a BA in International Marketing. Marketing wiz, he works on Gigride full time. Tasks: dealing with anything branding related, from the landing page to social networks, and customer acquisition.

Uku Taht

Software engineer with a track record of leading teams and delivering complex projects. Previously worked with small startups, large corporations, and everything in between. Tasks: developing and managing the technical platform for Gigride.

Tim Lewis

30 years’ experience in consumer banking, marketing and general management (American Express, JP Morgan, HSBC, RBS, Citi, Visa Europe). NED at 3 other high tech start ups. Senior mentor who helps in everything, from internal organisation to business development.